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Interesting name, huh! This is actually a site that helps to turn your site into mobile compatible site for easy browsing using the mobile phone or smart phone. So, if you have your own website or blog that you want to make it mobile compatible, use this…it’s so easy. Happy trying !


If you are tired of using the normal application to produce your presentation slides, why not try PREZI. It will help to make your presentation 10 times more interesting especially for your students. Go to .  You’ll be surprise with the result…Check out mine (produced based on paper produced with my supervisors)

It was made known to me that there is an application that can check your writing. This is absolutely marvellous because before this some of us have to pay hundreds for a similar application. It helps you to check your ggrammar, plagiarism and also give suggestions for your piece of writing. This one, again, is free. Enjoy this….

Mobile Learning 101

GMU/DAU Mobile Learning Workshop

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Technology advancement  in handheld gadjets has made mobile learning to become something that is worth exploring in the field of teaching and learning of language. The temptation of owning the latest handphone is not only experienced by the working adults but also students. Changing one handphone to another has really become more prevalent nowadays even among teenagers. This has made m learning to be a potential approach in supporting the learning process. What do you think?  and what makes m learning different from e learning that we used to hear?

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Presentation skills are compulsory course to most students of mine.